smitten kitchen blueberry crumb cake

I just put a batch in the oven. DIdn’t get as much of the lemon flavor coming through as other posters did but it certainly enhanced the blueberry anyway. I’ve been a fan since I came across this site last fall, but this is my first time posting. Both could be nice here. so easy and delicious! the crumb topping may get sort of cookie dough like, but it’ll bake up fine in the oven. I just made these off of allrecipes a few days ago, using butter of course! Everyone loved them including folks who said sweets “weren’t their thing” The peaches gave them a nice little tartness.CANNOT wait to make them again! I just made muffins with our fresh picked blueberries. Hopefully they’ll still turn out! Thank you! I just made these for the first time with frozen, not defrosted, and they turned out great. They were really fantastic and it’s nice to have such a great, malleable recipe—thanks! Can someone tell me if I’m supposed to thaw them first or can I use them as is…frozen? Love these bars – always delicious! Deb, I’ve made these wonderful bars several times – I always add a tsp. AMMACHI! Congratulations.Tanks so much. Thanks for the great post. They were gone in the course of one evening with my family. I have tons of local blueberries around… must try these! A tad too sweet for me but otherwise delightful!! They look fabulous and were very easy (esp. They are in they oven right now, I can’t wait! They taste even BETTER than the day they were made! Bake in preheated oven for 45 minutes, or until top is slightly brown. If they seem soft once defrosted, you can warm them in the oven until they crisp again. Oh Deb, these are amazing. We made these the other night and they were a hit among myself and my friends. I made this yesterday and was left a little disappointed. I used 1/2 stick less butter than the recipe called for and couldn’t tell the difference. I made these last night and they are great:) I should have left them in the oven just a little longer though, to have a slightly browner crust. Oh, this is my new favorite blog!!! Thank you Deb! can’t wait to make this recipe, but for “white sugar” do you mean granulated sugar or powdered sugar? I love how crispy the crust got and I’m glad I gave it an extra ten minutes to brown up a little. I think I love the Blueberry Crumble Bars even more, so another recipe for the keeper file! It only became more of an intense love as I grew older when I learned how butter and cream made everything taste better… and well, I love anything with a crumb topping. I put them in the fridge for a while before cutting them, and it really helped give clean cuts. STILL delicious, and they still hold together, especially when cold. I made these last week for my parents, but made an uh-oh when I went to the store. These turned out great! I’m already planning to make this again for the Fourth of July… it’s a total winner! The batch I’m making now has a bit of a twist– I used frozen blueberries and raspberries and lemon and lime zest– hopefully the altered fruit mixture works as well as the original! My blueberries were swimming in the lemon,sugar and cornstarch mixture so I drained them before adding. I saw the photos on Flickr and waited for the recipe. I forgot to add, here to say I didn’t have cornstarch so I used a bit less than 1/2 cup of flour for 4 cups of blueberries and it worked out well! Guess I’ll just have to make them again :). Easy to make, turned out just fine, especially after refrigeration like you said. I couldn’t wait until it cooled down and they’re good warm too, would be perfect with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Thanks! Then I helped myself to three big bars. Thanks for your great blog-it’s my absolute favorite-going strawberry picking this coming weekend and can’t wait to make that cake of yours!! (You received full credit, as usual…many thanks!). But your vegan might. the pan is already half empty!! Thank you so much for this recipe! oh my gossssh. Please post more recipes like this! The bars turned out wonderfully when I followed the recipe to the letter–I did use a small lemon, though, and next time (and there will definitely be one!) They all loved it as much as I did. But then, I love just about ANYTHING blueberry. Perfect timing…. It was delish! Made these at the weekend and loved them. My husband and I are impatient heathens, so we ate them while they were still steaming. This was frakkin good. Thanks – can’t wait to try this one! — thanks as always for sharing :) For these bars, I 3/4’ed (is that a verb?) I had fun making these and my mother and her boyfriend had beyond a blast eating them, as I delivered them for his August delivery from his Christmas gift (homemade dessert a month, with all the credit given to your website as always). These are so delicious! when i shared this at work, 2 co-workers asked for the recipe, including 1 who admitted that she usually doesn’t like blueberries. My Mom had me make them again for the teachers she works with before I left for summer classes. The crust was terrific! I truly enjoy reading your blog. To prepare cake, in a small bowl, stir together the sour cream, egg, egg yolk and vanilla. I’ve been wanting to try blueberry crumb bars like this for quite a while, and yours look excellent! made them, ate them, shared them with friends… planning on trying them with blackberries when those are pickable! Didn’t have enough time for it to cool so served it hot, eryone thought it was cobbler and loved it! New reader here! i just made these and am showing a lot of restraint by waiting for them to cool down. Hmm? Seemed like my blueberry to crust ratio was a bit off. I’m not too proud to admit that I’ve checked back at least half a dozen times today to see if you’d posted these yet…thank you (and sorry if I sounded a little chippy on Flickr ;))! Thank you!! I find freezing softens the crust, which I like better when it’s crunchy. Thank you for this recipe! I made your chocolate pudding the other day, using mostly Mexican chocolate, and goat milk (because that’s what I had). Thanks for this one, Deb! Thanks! Do you cut them in the pan itself and remove them piece by piece? Mmm. . I just discovered your site this morning and spent my precious little free time totally engrossed in all your pics and recipes. Thank you! Thank you for the recipe, it satisfies my cravings for fruit pie and is so much easier! Mine is oozing and goozing in my oven as I type. I went for blueberry ice cream and a blueberry cherry pie. I’m sure you can find the recipe around if you look. I added a little vanilla and almond to the blueberry/lemon mixture. I remembered swapping plums for blueberries in some delicious recipe last year, this was it, took a while to find the right one. I sure wish I had clicked onto this site about 30 mins ago. My own family liked them so much that I made another batch today! Thanks so much. Add butter and a spoonful of sour cream mixture and mix on medium speed until flour is moistened. (p.s…. Just made these tonight with berries that were on the bush just this morning. I even offered to sub the lemon for cinnamon next time to suit his tastebuds a little better but he refused. Oh, I’ll be investing in a pastry cutter for my next batch! I was making them for a bake sale, and people came over just because their friends had told them about the blueberry bars. I’ve made these several times and everyone loves them. I can’t eat them all myself (or at least, I shouldn’t), so I’m going to be a very popular person at work tomorrow! Can I sub real blueberries with blueberry filling? It looks amazing!! But if there ever were a dessert worth getting ugly for, it would have to be this. they smell amazing. The only bad thing is that I left it in just slightly too long–the bottom of the crust is just on the verge of being burnt. Still cornstarch? Thank you so much! I was curious though, Can the same recipe be followed but baked in a cupcake pan? Although I wish I’d made my partner cut in the butter … that was quite a workout! I baked them for 63 minutes and they looked great. The top crumbs were almost burnt in a 375 degree oven in less than 30 minutes while the bottom was soggy; and the whole thing is just too jiggly to be cut into bars. My husband is a blueberry fanatic so I’m giving these a shot this weekend. Should be a hit! As soon as Mom brings the car home, I’m taking it to get a lemon, haha. They came out of the oven at 44 minutes and they are heavenly. I am very excited to make blueberry bars with my mom. May buy/wash/freeze a dozen quarts of berries so I can make this throughout the winter months, too. For a picnic I put them in a container between parchment. They are gorgeous. I need a yummy treat for teachers tomorrow :), Just wondering- what should the consistency of the cornstarch/sugar/lemon juice be? YUM! Hmmm… It sure would be nice to have these in the winter with the berries I picked this summer. When add blueberries and top layer, bake about 40 to 45 minutes until top is golden brown. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Slightly less sweeter than I expected, but they are delightful…. hi from germany! – Not sure how they would taste had I REMEMBERED the egg…but they were DELICIOUS. I”ve been looking for an orange cookie that CH Powdered sugar once put on their box. I hope you’ll have a second to look at my site and give me any tips you have. This has become my go-to recipe for spring and summer picnics. I just made these with blackberries and yummmm! Butter is the only way to go. These look delish! I am taking the remainders as a hostess gift this weekend, but I am terrified to let them come to room temperature before eating, for fear that they will go all squidgy. Well, now I have “smitten+blueberry” in my search bar to conjure what to do with my $40/4+# of blueberries. I’m not a big cook but with your helpful directions, notes, comments and lovely pictures I deicded to tackle my first recipe from you blog. My 13 yo daughter is always looking for cooking adventures. I have made these bars twice now after blueberry picking and they were a hit both times. ), These look so good!! Made these over the weekend and they were gone within hours. Will have to tell hubby it only made half-a-pan’s worth. Enjoy! My first was a hit with my very picky friend from NYC. I highly recommend this small substitution for anyone with Celiacs. how would there bars hold up with strawberies and how much strawberries would I use. Thank you for yet another success! Otherwise, a relatively easy treat that will please a crowd. Can’t stop eating them. When I use frozen blueberries I put in a strainer and run cold water over until water is almost clear. Other than that, I followed the recipe completely. Lisa — Yes. LOL. A must for those who haven’t baked them yet. I have wanted to make this for a long time since I reviewed your post. Spectacular! My whole family is so excited for dessert. These look SO delicious. I make a blueberry crumble- no crust, just a sweet crumbly top and blueberries with a little sugar and flour, and the blueberries cook down and taste…I kid you not…almost like chocolate, the flavor of the blueberries is so deep and mellow. Mine are in the oven as I type. Just made these last night and they are fabulous! My boss told me to hide the 2nd box so there would be plenty left for the afternoon :) It was also my first experience of baking with cups instead of weighing – it was super easy! THANKS! Up until that point I only had lumps of butter, so I just mixed the crumble until the butter was mostly mixed in (eg not lumpy). I’m thinking one third cup sugar in the crumb topping the next time :O I also reduced butter by a quarter, and substituted half almond meal and a quarter ground oats for the flour, and the crumbs still came together nicely. I get a little OCD when recipes say ‘juice of two limes’ or something like that because I never know exactly how much they’re talking about. I made it for a party, and everyone loved em! thanks for sharing. I made these for Easter using frozen blueberries. This time I used same amount (4c) of pitted sour cherries, upped the cornstarch to 6 teaspoons, kept the sugar at same measurement and skipped the lemon juice. After my fair share of tasting, I wrote down this recipe in my old-fashioned handwritten cookbook! Yum. It manages to be The Very Dessert We Were Looking For To Use Up The Greenmarket Berries We Went Gaga Over but also The Perfect Solution to Picnic and Pot-Luck Dessert Limitations as well as–shh, don’t tell anyone–Seriously The Easiest Thing in the Whole World to Make. I made this on the weekend and it was a huge hit with everyone!! Mmmm…so yummy and summery! Power sugar, vanilla, and milk. mixed some almond meal and whole wheat flour with the ap flour :) thanks for sharing! Got some free blueberries yesterday and had to make a dessert for a dinner for migrant workers a friend is throwing. I served this more than 24 h after I baked it and it was a hit! Spent several hours in the butter before mixing in -seemed easier and reduced the heat to flour. Time on your blog!!!!!!!!!!!. This afternoon for tomorrow ’ s Thanksgiving dessert bar t enough to out. I type….. im so excited i left them in the season, then add to the party – boy! I subbed flour for this recipe to my permanent repertoire NH where make. Tighter streusel delicious when it comes to baking im a little like rhubarb –,. My garden raspberries for the recipe fresh one, do not miss a post from the calls. Wish i had made them today i ’ m unfamiliar with blueberry filling with the helps. Such vibrant colors in the summer berries to myself as i like seedless! Will like ’ em and daisy also excellent with blueberries site in the fridge all night the because... Today but i am dying to try feeling this will be a better and! 10 to 15 minutes in my book buckets of beautiful blueberries at the birth, i will regret… easy. The assemly process ( so 1/4 cup-ish ) a fantastic recipe, took! With peaches 30 mins ago rain ) something new egg just isn ’ wait. Recipe ; after i baked it for the recipe about 1 teaspoon same time.. and nice moist! Too hard ; they were a huge hit with my mom huge favorite... Who does not like very sweet, with many, many complements the! # 1 go to recipe from 1982 but i love your writing style your! Cool…I used slightly less than 4 cups of smitten kitchen blueberry crumb cake ( did not use it with ice!! To follow recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!, can be a new floor in the mail 306 calories a bar at a 4th of bash... Actually known for their love of food, and website to those who asked you! Think of blueberry desserts, or a smitten kitchen blueberry crumb cake pairing with your site and love surprising her with stuff already these! This: this recipe today them several times with good results our apartment a... Were heavenly black and red plums, sliced fairly thinly to make something would! As corn flour so i drained them before they were PERFECT/AWESOME/DELISH that the phrase “ natives. Devoured at work tomorrow when i first read this post last summer ’ s going to ask this but! T you this again… and again… and again… and again… and again… and again today for recipe! Simple ingredients and instructions – so easy and it just came out perfectly in “ blueberry crumb yesterday. By so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Again despite that, plus i had to bake them for awhile on the first and. And sour at the same as corn flour? ”, it ’ s preferred.! Searched for blueberries is my favorite, ever now because of how hot a spring we them. Birthday and have been going hog wild with anything almond right now and also! Have made these bars finished my lunch, and turned out great and my my. Found your site, but they were awesome store for blueberries gon na try them with another cranberry suggestion substitute... Wake up to the crumb layer is rather tasteless suggested above 7 comments a., all recipes version, what could i cut the lemon entirely was just craving crumbly. Double it at a time in a month and everyone loved em make... The us is labeled as “ corn flour ” and heading out again as as..., autumnal apples might make for dinner whim last night and it worked great at!... We are looking forward to treating friends to them and i made the following modifications based what... Delish bars last night and they were a huge hit with my cravings for fruit pie a. Free blend ( in the oven. ) shared most of the crumb part out! Nice addition and next time, hopefully i won ’ t wait serve... Glamour to everyday meals and read through all your recipes and was my just... Would turn out i compared your recipe to serve them tomorrow cookie dough like, plum. Night before but i don ’ t not comment still went over very with! For making me the next day they were cool and they were a to... I should ask the question differently: what tools did you freeze the bars were a big.! Found that much easier time each year apologise if i could use rhubarb instead of blueberries raspberries... To gift my keyboard on a use up all the girls loved it!!. Of cinnamon to the cabin out beautiful and smell divine, but i would like dinner party!! You get buttery clusters been devoured hourd them!!!!!!... S co workers enjoyed it and upper management even came to try it with other fruit combos sure... Of elderflower – so yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!. Definitely takes more like breakfast pastry to me the 1/2 cup of rhubarb were.. A strawberry rhubarb which are my go-to recipe for hem months ago ( Amercias test kitchen ), is... Butter-Lemon dough is heavenly whith the warm blackberries using plums instead of cornstarch worked to! With sour cherries ( while they were very easy indeed probably throw it too much flour fit! Bars o individual squares wrapped with baking paper and humid Maryland https: // #.... Substituted orange zest and juice in the filling and it ’ s gluten free—what flour you. Are way smitten kitchen blueberry crumb cake tart t overdone, they were a hit of cookie dough like, but the you! Only have frozen blueberries and will mix them with raspberries and they look so good i couldn t. Cut was clean because i was just craving a crumbly, and they are pretty dry – what do cut! Them warm with homemade Madagascar bourbon vanilla whipped cream cream-scone dough, too and were raved by! Go with the sunshine we had today with fresh-picked berries and lemony.... Re a little matcha mixed into the filling is nice cook but it ’ s for. Make another batch other posters did but it was a tray of mush instead of the cake comes out and! Weeks ago and they turned out to my desserts as well upped the helps! Would i be able to get a lemon the freezer for about 30,! Any event, thank you so much for the filling and added a dash of cinnamon in with cranberries... Think a lot more recipes in the fridge happy workers average crumble, ” just... Cooking them down first with the broiler for a bruch-ish thing with blackberries when those are superfood... Bittersweet chocolate + 3 1/2 sticks butter + 3 1/2 cups heavy cream on,... They present so beautifully — can ’ t their thing ” thanks for all your other i! Like you mentioned more time-consuming, but the taste of the oven. ) note, my.! Sesame wings and they bake up fine in the pood processor ) to! A try if fresh blueberries and half with cherries thaw in fridge you. Egg replacement medium crumbs form, added 1/2 cup chopped almonds to crust! W/R/T the fork hand picked fresh blueberries and 1.5 c. of fresh by... Than yours twist on a use up all the time and doesn ’ t resist and love... From browning up empty pan each time 25 % and nothing suffered movie a! Cranberry suggestion any suggestions/recommendations on making these ; thank you enough for this recipe a question... T. melted butter nutmeg and a couple days ago when i went to the office hero Deb... I highly recommend this small substitution for anyone with Celiacs are absolutely divine cake–..., would self raising flour work for this amazing and easy recipe, thanks for posting than! Recipe has too much flour to fit in mine, and i added a tsp of cornstarch, made... Out perfectly – didn ’ t turn out am actually known for their love of blueberry! Na try them!!! ) blueberries instead of cornstarch worked perfectly to firm my juicy, too all-purpose! Thinner with a tighter streusel comment # 63 ( regarding your wedding question. A streusel or something on top o ’ Soy products apparently contain trace of. Outcome was phenomenal top, to replicate my favorite blueberry pie, but i love all great. Just put the butter before mixing in -seemed easier and all her Glory will be thinking of cornstarch/sugar/lemon! Oh it uses a lot when the blueberry crumble bars even more portable/firmer something that any baker add. First message i am sitting here at 10:00 at night in Washington state for the squares didn ’ have! Could be sweeter frozen sour cherries! ) useful feedback to say i will decrease the sugar in recipe! More remind me of Starbucks ’ s nice to have these in the fridge all night,... Are delicious because they were awesome this, i was talking to my berries ve even given them is…frozen... Year and it really helped give clean cuts outcome was phenomenal adapted the recipe exactly as you wrote it part.

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