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Building Genius presents architects, commercial builders and production builders with an insight. Building Genius presents architects, commercial builders and production builders with an insight. Although it’s behind the walls, choosing the right insulation can help you save up to 50% in heating and cooling costs.. We provide information that can help homeowners understand where their home could be losing money due to their inefficient insulation. As North America’s leading spray foam insulation manufacturer, Icynene is driving the insulation category further with its product innovation, world-class building science expertise, hands-on technical support and integrated marketing initiatives. The spray-formula of icynene® foam insulation has an R-value of R-3.6 per inch. R … The higher the R value, the better the insulation. To get the marked R-value, it is essential that this insulation be installed properly.This can help to reduce your heating and cooling bills. The amount of insulation you need depends mainly on the climate you live in. Icynene sprayed in foam is an insulation and air seal system that works to help ensure that your home doesn’t suffer from air loss, while providing an effective R-Value. [CDATA[// >, * Aged Thermal Resistance at 1 inch according to ATSM C 518. This is a unit of measurement of resistance to heat flow. What are the R-Values of Icynene spray foam insulation products? By expanding 100 times its original size, ICYNENE seals cracks and gaps in attics, walls, ceilings and other spaces, where air might escape. Icynene ® Proseal™ is ideal for use in exterior continuous insulation applications. When your home isn’t properly sealed, the gaps found throughout your home’s building envelope can add up to the size of a basketball. Please let us know how we can assist you. Also, because it is fully adhered to the substrate, there are fewer opportunities for convection and/or air leakage to reduce its performance. ^Savings vary. Icynene ® ProSeal™ (MD-C-200 v3) Overview. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. It’s important to note that installing thicker insulation, or insulation that has a high R-Value, doesn’t necessarily mean that your home will then have a better insulation and air seal. This helps meets the ever growing demand of building regulations required to provide energy efficient homes.

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