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Ritsuka: Ha…what a terrible trip that turned out to be…, Ritsuka: (Even though so many things happened, we were able to return home safe and sound. Our top priority should be getting ourselves off this island. Rem: …Is that so? Your Dance with Devils boyfriend. My character ranking is Roen > Urie > Rem > Lindo > Mage >>>>> Shiki. Xem thêm ý tưởng về anime, chàng trai anime, hoạt hình. And what was that that happened at at the end…? Use [S01] through [S04] for the human vs devil scenarios. She doesn’t seem to know that it protects her. You must run, Ritsuka! Lindo: You got really quiet all of a sudden. Mage: Ha! Rem: Well of course. Lindo: Oh no you won’t. Otherwise, you might find that your own feathers will be plucked one by one someday. Ritsuka: (You can cut the tension with a knife…). Comment by Alice LV. If I had been alone things would be different, but having you here is reassuring. Rem: However…I will not allow anyone to defy me. Shiki: I don’t think anyone believes we did it, neh? Lindo: The moment you let your guard down these guys will take advantage of you. Rem: …Now that things are like this though, you’re probably lonely. Ritsuka: Mm, of course. 2020-03-12T17:10:07Z Comment by reecemancl. Rem: He should be back soon. But, I really don’t think I should have come here at a time like this…), Ritsuka: (We’re at the ocean because of the school’s field trip. I have a sudden urge to just wrap you in my arms. + Affection with Rem), 手を伸ばす (Reach out your hand. Urie: It’s alright. ), Ritsuka: (This isn’t…good…I have to get out of here somehow…! Urie: Are you afraid I’ll take her from you? Ritsuka: (…? dancewithdevils, lovers, harem. Why did he suddenly grab my arm!?). Th-that surprised me. Calling someone by their given name without an honorific is a sign that you have a special relationship with that person (be they family, family-like friend, or lover) and have earned the right to do so. Ritsuka: Well when you put it that way, I guess I do feel a bit better if I take the time to talk to you like this. Jek: Oh, your mouth still works? : Your fate was already decided long ago. You can just call me Shiki. I apologize on their behalf for teasing you. I’ve made sure that the security for today’s trip is top-notch. will there romance contuie and why has rem returned \. You could always borrow him sometime if you’d like. Shiki: Fufu… I see you’re as noisy as ever. It’s damn suspicious that of all the people to be stranded with my sister and I, you just happen to be the only one washed away with us. Urie: Ah, I’ll be right over! Lindo: *comes running back* What the hell did you do!? Dance With Devils Chapter 4 Rem Translation, So Many Games! March Monthly Recap, The Left Door (Leads to Rem, Lindo, and Roen’s common route), The Right Door (Leads to Shiki, Mage, and Urie’s common route). Mage: Bodyboarding’s not bad, but surfing is way more interesting. What if they try to call you up here again? Rem: I’ll go search for some firewood. Urie; Tempting…well I admit there’s some truth in that. this is my take on what i think would happen. Azuna: Ahaha! Taurus, Scorpio. Ritsuka: Lindo! And that's only the beginning; from there, her life is turned upside down as her mother gets kidnapped and Ritsuka gets drawn into a world of vampires and devils. Shiki always spouts nonsense like that. Nice to meet you. All women are beautiful butterflies to me. Oi, Ritsuka, are you okay? Mage: Ah? Rem: You feel a little warm. Rem: *comes closer and speaks in your right ear. Does he mean me?). …Either way, we’re in a tight spot. Mage: Tch, well that spoiled the mood. There’s no need to do anything reckless…if it hurts, I’ll gladly do what I can to ease that pain. Rem: Mm, that light just now probably alerted them to us being here. Ora! N-no, really, they didn’t do anything bad. Azuna: For now let’s head back to class. So don’t hesitate to tell me if you need anything. It could just be my imagination. This post assumes you know what’s happened so far in the game, so be sure to head over to the translation master list to catch up on the Prologue through Chapter 02. Of course, the event will run for a week’s time and during that time, we can post anything related to DwD on a daily basis be it AMVs, Fanfics, One shots, Fanarts, throwbacks (Scenes from the game or the anime ) , rants, Appreciation … We’ll just have to draw the information out of you. But, my body won’t listen to me at all!). I’m actually really relieved. Thankfully there’s some fresh water pools on this island. I fucking lost it cause I love Rem and I love slicked back hair aND SUITS AND_(꒪ཀ꒪」∠)_ #rem kaginuki #rem arlond #Dance with Devils #DwD #otome #inktober … I’m fine! I bet there’s some kind of nuts…or maybe mushrooms. Sound of footsteps can be heard as the girls head off to class. whiteskyastrology:. Time passes and scene changes back to you and Lindo. Ritsuka: Yeah…but I already feel much better talking to you about it. I wasn’t even aware that I-. Best of luck, my dear friend. Lindo: Don’t make such a face. Rem: I only did what anyone else would do. March Monthly Recap, 目を閉じる (Close your eyes. Ritsuka: (W-what!? So then what happened to her-!?). ! That makes me happy. You can open up your heart to me-, Ritsuka: (The President’s stroking my cheek. Jek: We can’t stay here for much longer. Originally posted by owari-nosuffering. Get it together, Ritsuka! Ritsuka: Roen, isn’t the beach hot for you? Neh, do you want to come have fun on the boats with me? He grabs you, and you can hear the water rush around you. Urie: You don’t understand humans very well, do you, Mage? First of all, what violation am I being accused of? He eventually finds her hiding in the temple with Lindo and appears shocked when he sees the Lindo about to kiss her. Ritsuka: Are…are you saying that we’ll have to spend the night here…? Ritsuka: Y-you’re talking about things that happened when I was a child!? Geez, honestly, Lindo…. And the herbs and flowers have all been trampled through. Rem: *talks in your right ear* The truth is, I called you here because you have information I need. …My name’s Shiki Natsumezaka. Ritsuka: But…isn’t it unfair towards me if you won’t even tell me the reason for all of this? Did it go alright? Are you seriously gonna take all the credit? That’s enough. my-son-hates-mushrooms:. How long have I been asleep?). Lindo: Of course not. Can’t you see you’re troubling her? Rem: He’s getting water not too far away from here. Rem: …How unsightly. Zerochan has 18 Kaginuki Rem anime images, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, cosplay pictures, and many more in its gallery. Urie: If you sense that you’re in danger, then you should try to resist or run away. Rem: I always find myself being drawn to your smile. Mage: And of course, when you’re tired there’s always the jet skis. Azuna: Mm! this is a storyabout what would happen if Rem came back to Ritsuka 6 years after they parted. Now come with me. : Oh my…and here I thought you were busy with something. I imagine if they can’t find us by sun down they’ll have to hold off their search until morning. He didn’t do anything to you, did he? Especially since I have you here with me. Urie: Eh? Rem: It’s my job to protect the school’s students. Ritsuka: (No good…my consciousness is just slowly…fading away…). Rem: All of the pieces are in place. The President’s talking as if this conversation was incredibly important. Rem: Since you were going to be the one to drink it, he didn’t trust me to go fetch the water myself. Maria: !? It seems if I’m to meet your expectations…I’ll have to exercise caution…. Have you recovered from your cold?” …), Ritsuka: (Azuna’s…calling me!? I’ll just do it myself later. Ritsuka: (Let’s see…”I’m sorry you couldn’t come with us on the trip today. Her life changed a little from that day, but Ritsuka expected nothing more. You change your tune every time you see a woman. Lindo: That light just now…as I thought. I’m not gonna allow you to hog such a tasty soul for yourself! Ritsuka: (I’m looking forward to tomorrow! ), Ritsuka: (But mom was inside the house. Dance with Devils Chapter 01, Part 01 Translation (PS Vita) March 1, 2017 DreadRabbit 1 Comment Dance With Devils , Japanese Translations , otome , otome english game Chapter 01 is separated into two parts because the first choice of the game happens at the chapter’s climax, and thus changes how the later half unfolds. Rem: So what exactly are you trying to say? * I’m sure you’re still in some pain. Shiki: Trapped in the middle of the ocean where you can’t run, on a sinking boat…*sighs contently*. Ritsuka: Everything will be okay. A stubborn one. Rem looked like a grumpy cat back there. Lindo: That pendant is a protective talisman. If you’d like, after this…. Slender Student (Shiki): Wasn’t it the consensus of the entire council to call for her? Ritsuka Tachibana. This monthly recap talks about planned articles to come. If you have already read the Left Door Chapter 03-Lindo translation,  then use ctrl+F and [Rem01] for the Rem-specific changes in the story. Ritsuka: *giggles* Were you worried about me too? Maria: ugh…Don’t you dare lay a hand on my daughter! Ritsuka: *takes a few steps back* I-didn’t break any school rules! About Dance with Devils week. Ritsuka: You seem just fine, huh? While dancing, Rem realizes his feelings for Ritsuka. Ritsuka: That’s why we need to get out together! None of the of the other students have dared to try that. I promise I’m perfectly fine. Urie: Come with me, Butterfly. Shiki: Resisting? Without our phones we can’t call for help.). Mage: *in your right ear* Tell us everything. Kanojo wa watashi no mono Dare mo tsureruna kegareta sono te de.. …Huh? So it couldn’t hurt to make a feast of it. First of all, I don’t think I deserve all of this hostile behavior you’ve directed at me. Rem: Having fun? I let my guard down too much. I can’t control myself!). Yeah. ), Ritsuka: Thank you so much. Thank you, ni-san. Ritsuka: No…just, how did you know that happened? Urie: Hmm, well for example…why don’t we do things that would make you cry out in your cute little voice? Ritsuka: …Yeah, you’re right. Ritsuka: Yeah. *sound of Mage grabbing Shiki and pulling him away*. If you do not wish to be spoiled then please do not read any further! Shiki: You’re clearly plotting something, Urie. Lindo: More than anything my priority is to make sure that you’re safe. Rem: No…that doesn’t matter. Even more confusing still is why they would target me to try and get to it. Rem: I am the Student Council’s president, Rem Kaginuki. By the way, Butterfly. Kaginuki Rem is a character from Dance with Devils. Ritsuka: (That sound just now…w-what should I do? Ritsuka: (What’s going on? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Everyone panicked and… wait…huh? However, maybe we should help our ever patient friend. Ritsuka: Everyone’s always wanting to see and be around “Rem-sama”, but to think he was actually that sort of person…. Love it so much!!!! The meaning is more or less the same, but I changed it to its current iteration because I thought it flowed better. +Affection with Lindo). I can finally talk to you without being interrupted. Please enjoy! Year: 2015. Roen just followed me on his own. Just what is this…? Ritsuka: I also…have you here with me, don’t I? So Little Time! Jek: That’s right…you’re a good girl. As promised, here is the infamous beach chapter from the Left Door common route (Rem and Lindo) in Dance with Devils! Are we back at the beach from before? Rem: There is the possibility that the others may be unable to find us, since they won’t be able to trace where the wave carried us off. Ritsuka: (The third floor library…what a strange place it turned out to be. Shiki: I think it’s best if we ignored Mage’s praise for now. Rem: You’ve really changed. Rem: Regardless, since this letter was brought to our attention it has become necessary for us to investigate this matter ourselves. Shiki: Thanks for that! Ritsuka: Fufu~ You’re so spoiled. Ritsuka: And I got such a weird feeling from the other members too…Anyway, since the rumor wasn’t true I left. Woof woof! Right here in my arms. I would love that. Ritsuka: I…don’t know…anything about that. What a mess…), Ritsuka: (Mom wouldn’t do such a thing…so who did? But, if something terrible were to happen to you…. He’s a bit scary…!). Rem: I don’t care whether you like me or not. You don’t want your mother to be harmed, now do you? Rem: Even so, it’ll get dark soon. It’s all because allowing that pain to linger is the best.”. Sorry for worrying you. Student in White Uniform (Urie): It doesn’t matter if she’s mine or not. Urie: It’s rare to see Rem associate himself with anyone outside of our group. Are you honestly somehow accusing me of using that tidal wave to sweep you and your sister to a deserted island, just so that I could be alone with you? Urie: Would you like to spend some time with me? Azuna couldn’t even make it because she caught a cold…). The dog pitter patters away and the chapter ends. Rem: I’m simply only fulfilling my duty as the Student Council President by helping you. It’s already started. We’ve managed to get out of this situation safely. (Or perhaps even “that’s all that really matters to me”). It was such a strong light that it engulfed the whole room.). In episode 9, Rem is seen throughout the episode looking for Ritsuka, finally having decided that he loves her more than he wants the grimoire. Rem: Don’t try to stand up so suddenly. Rem: If you look to the horizon you can see no more than a line where the beach might be…we definitely can’t swim back. "Rem!" ), Ritsuka: (Mom’s voice…it came from behind the table! Ritsuka: Th-that’s not true. Lindo: Wh-!? Those people are searching for something called “The Forbidden Grimoire.” …Why would they want something like that? Rate. This monthly recap talks about planned articles to come. Lindo: I accept your apology. What’s with this tension…? Will you show me more of that expression? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ. Learn how your comment data is processed. Rem: You need to take it easy on your body for now. What happened? Rem: …I wouldn’t mind it if you would just call me “Rem.”*, Ritsuka: (W-why do I feel so giddy about this? Do you feel fatigued? Video clip and lyrics Dance with Devils - Rem's song (ep 2) by Soundtrack Dance with Devils. Shiki: Anyway, Mage is our Secretary, while I’m the Treasurer. I’m so, so sorry about what happened earlier…. Thankfully there’s some fresh water pools on this island. Well good. And here I thought if at least someone lived here, then…damn! Since we went to the trouble of coming to the sea, I want to have as much fun as I can, ya know? ), Ritsuka: (At this rate, it’ll swallow up everyone! Please stay here and watch over her. Ritsuka: Ni-san, since you’ve just changed schools, why don’t you go hang out with some of your classmates? Cut to CG. Rem: *approaches you both* Roen, don’t take off on your own. what will happen to ritsuka now that Rem is back in her life. ), Ritsuka: (Granted, it’s been a long time since Lindo’s been able to eat a Japanese meal. You hear sand crunching as something runs towards you. 2020-03-18T05:40:03Z Comment by Darren. Everything will turn out alright…mom.). I just want to be treated fairly here. A-ah…I heard it from my friends. She enjoyed her school life while living with her mother Maria, but one day, that balance fell into ruin. Ritsuka: But, wouldn’t be better if we split up to cover more ground? After Dance with Devils Fortuna, Marius ended up as a walking example of this trope since even after the movie and the stage play, very little is known about him and what effect he'll bring in future Dance with Devils content if any. Isn’t that why you trailed behind me everywhere I went when you were little? You hear a magic sound and the screen goes white. S1, Ep3. Ritsuka: It’s nothing. Rem: Thankfully I didn’t end up here alone. Dance with Devils Rem Set Acrylic Pass Case Can Badge Keychain Japan Anime #A133. ), Ritsuka: (Wait a minute. Ritsuka: (Wow! Isn’t that interesting? Dance with Devils (2015– ) Episode List. And yet your face is all red. Lindo: You’ve been spaced out for awhile now. They can call me all they want because I’m not coming next time. Maria: I can’t protect you like this. Ritsuka: Ah, sorry. Slender Student (Shiki): Slowly savoring your meal is much better than hastily gulping it down, isn’t it? There haven’t been any unusual people around the house either. I do. In more literal terms we have: “too much temptation” or “too much instigation”, but can also mean “not enough temptation”, etc. Rem: …That’s right. Jek: It would be best if you were obedient. Slender Student (Shiki): Fufu…‘Butterfly’ huh? How odd. Then in that case, I don’t owe you any gratitude. Urie: Fufu, how terrifying. Ritsuka: Eh? Rem: Besides, you keep insisting that you’re innocent before even hearing what I have to ask of you. Ritsuka Tachibana. Rem: The time spent reading your intentions, the moving of a piece, and waiting for your next move wasn’t bad. Next will be checkmate. Ritsuka: Well if one’s alone, then it’s only natural to be faint hearted. ??? Rem: Ah, to avoid getting lost it would be best if you came closer. voiced by Garret Storms and 1 other. Looking for information on the anime Dance with Devils? Ritsuka: Th-then that means someone’s come to get us! Jan 24, 2016 - Explore Edlyn's board "Dance with Devils" on Pinterest. Ritsuka: And who are you…? Honestly though, I just can’t bring myself to enjoy it. Rem: Of course. Thanks for the text. I am the one who summoned you here today. Thank you, Azuna. Rem: You certainly don’t seem to give me much credit. Ritsuka: (Grimoire…I’m sure I’ve heard about those from my grandfather. Wait just a moment. Surely the teachers and other students are looking for us-. Rem: *whispers in your ear* That’s right, you can rest easy. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you do not wish to be spoiled, then please do not continue <3 If you see any corrections that need to be made, please don’t hesitate to contact me with them. Urie: While I assure you I had no bad intentions, I get the feeling that you wouldn’t believe me. Jek: …Hmph. Translation notes (100% Optional reading). Therefore, I order you to tell me everything with your own lips. Read Rem x Ritsuka from the story Dance with devils x Ritsuka part 2 by Dark-she-wolf27 (Dark-neko~chan27) with 143 reads. Main Dance with Devils Cast. Ritsuka: Sure! Ritsuka: (So it can’t be helped. Clearly that girl has a hand in whatever it is those two are arguing about. : The only one who can decide the course of your destiny, is you. I’m sure my brother is really worried…. I’m just glad nothing happened to you. ⊂((・▽・))⊃, Ritsuka: (Amazing. The girls from our class, you know. Ritsuka: (President…even in this sort of situation all he does is worry over me…). Ritsuka: Hello, Azuna? Ritsuka: Listen to this. Ritsuka Tachibana is a female second-year high school student who attends Shikō Academy in Shikō Town. : That’s right…you don’t quite know of your own importance yet. My head’s suddenly spinning…I feel dizzy…). $18.00 + $25.00 shipping. In order to gather information regarding its whereabouts, we cannot let anyone become suspicious as to our true identities. Ritsuka: (To be by…the President’s side…), Ritsuka: (Mm…with mom being gone, and with all the strange people attacking us…I’ve just been so depressed, scared, and anxious…), Ritsuka: (If I just had someone to lean on, then all of this would become so much easier…). Then don’t let me get in the way of that. I don’t mind spoiling you a little. Required fields are marked *. I’ll wake you if your brother comes back while you’re asleep. Mage: Ah~ I know. So please rest easy and try to relax. Rem: We didn’t call you here for mere pleasantries. ), Ritsuka: (Even though I heard that the other students and the teachers were worried, I haven’t been able to…huh? Urie: Don’t be mad~ It’s thanks to me you were able to get intimate with the little Butterfly, right? Thoughts. Rem: Granted that’s difficult to swallow…, Rem: It would be much easier if we simply waited and let the pieces fall where they may. So you can give me all the details then! Rem: Once you’ve realized your enemy’s next move, you should devote yourself to meeting them head on while you have the chance. It feels as if we’ve just got a little closer.). Then it was worth it coming to get you? So I’m taking my leave now. Ritsuka: It’s alright. ), If you say “You seem happy at the thought.”. I’ll have to try to stop that.). Why is hearing his voice…is making me sleepy again…?). ??? We should probably start searching for food soon, shouldn’t we? Ritsuka: You’re right. If only I could have bought you a little more time…. ), Ritsuka: (It’s not just that his logic is sound. ), Ritsuka: (I don’t know why they all just surrounded me and stared at me like that. A few recent artworks by 綾斗, one of my favorite DwD fan artists on twitter. Shikou Academy student council president Rem Kaginuki calls on the girl, and she begins having mysterious encounters with the student council members. Dance with Devils (Anime) (94) Dance with Devils (Video Game) (50) SINoALICE (Video Game) (4) Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling (2) Diabolik Lovers (2) Hellsing (1) D.Gray-man (1) Bleach (1) Soul Eater (1) Devil May Cry (1) Include Characters Tachibana Ritsuka (70) Kaginuki Rem | Rem Arlond (52) Sogami Urie (51) Tachibana Lindo (47) Rem: Then I’m going to take a look around. As we move into April two big game updates drop! Ritsuka: A deserted island…I can’t believe we really ended up in such a place…. That’s why I couldn’t help but think of how much you must love him. So just try to relax and don’t worry about anything. Ritsuka: (What’s with these guys…I’m scared.). So it really was a thief? I hadn’t mentioned that yet. Rem: Our purpose is the Grimoire. Largely Built Student (Mage): Oi, wait a minute, Rem. I can see it’s outline from here. Rem: No…it seems we were carried away from the shore. I shouldn’t have kept you for so long, so I’ll hang up. Let me bring you to a world of pleasure. Urie: Things just get more interesting the more we learn. I took a look while you were out, and it appears we somehow washed up on a small island. Slender Student (Shiki): Fufu~ You look as if you’ll devour her on the spot, Mage. Ritsuka: Ah…it’s you, ni-san.

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