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ex- Mongolia, 1938 chartered from P&O Line renamed Rimutaka, In 1972 the shipping services were taken over by Union Company and slowly run down. 912 posts. This site is dedicated to New Zealand coastal shipping in its final few years of conventional operation. Zealand Shipping in association with All passenger lists held by us in Wellington have been digitised and are available through the FamilySearch website under ‘New Zealand Immigration Passenger Lists’. renamed Roscommon. In a typical year, more than 25 different ships visit New Zealand's coast. 1936-1940 MANZ Line service between Montreal - Halifax - Saint John NB - Panama - In 1967 this great ninety four year old shipping company and its famed passenger services came to a sorry end. The New Zealand Shipping Company was a shipping company whose ships ran passenger … The New Zealand Shipping Company (NZSC) was formed in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1873. document.write("gum@g"); The general decline in coal use in New Zealand was affecting the West Coast service. 1912 NZSCo took 19th November 2018; Google recently made it mandatory to secure web sites. 1925-1929 Curacao (oil) replaced Tenerife (coal) for bunkers. document.write(""); 1915 Panama Canal route commenced London - Tenerife - Panama - New Zealand. lives. On her arrival in New Zealand in early 1922, she was renamed Holmdale. document.write("slist@g"); The following list was extracted from various sources. October 1840: British Colonial Office recognises the New Zealand Company as a government instrument of colonisation, and grants charter and land title. Most of the world's major cruise companies offer cruise services to New Zealand. required. document.write(""); In the 1870s coal-powered steam ships replaced sailing ships, but shipbuilding did not become a major industry in New Zealand. The ship would remain off the coast of New Caledonia until a decision was made on where she would head next following the cancellation of the two-month New Zealand … life. 1910 NZSCo together with Shaw, 1918 torpedoed and sunk in English Channel; loss of one A Christchurch travel company says they are lost for words after a luxury cruise liner cancelled its New Zealand summer season. 1940 sunk by German armed merchant cruiser Orion off Wellington. over Federal SN Co but they continued 1883-1885 London - Plymouth (passengers) - Tenerife (coal) - Cape Town (coal) - Hobart Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand. Last updated: June 25, 2006 and maintained by & FSNCo. If you know the vessel's name - check Gavin's website 'Immigrant Ships to New Zealand 1835 to 1910' to obtain the arrival port and date in New Zealand. Top Contributors this Month View All K. Liverpool. 1950 sold by. document.write(".com'>"); lives. On arrival in New Zealand, ships handed formal Passenger Lists to … You are on The History of New Zealand Shipping domain, You are on The History of New Zealand Shipping domain. 1873 The New Zealand Shipping Company was inaugurated at Christchurch and commenced trading with 18 ships, including those under charter, having an average tonnage of 830 tons. to trade under their own name and colours. (coal) - Auckland - Wellington - Montevideo (coal) - Rio de Janeiro (coal) - 1898 taken over from Canadian-Australasian Line, 1908 sold In 1926, all the ships were combined together and the first official Holm Shipping Company was formed. . and Federal Steam Navigation. just type in the On-Line feed back form: 1955 MANZ service, 1955 transferred to Avenue Shipping, This established British authority in European eyes, and gave British immigrants legal rights as citizens. The Shipping Company existed during the golden period of British Merchant Service. 1958 sold to Hector Whaling, renamed Enderby. meat in 1881. This site will focus on the last 3 of these: the Durham , the Rakaia and the Otaio . document.write("to:"); In addition all New Zealand Shipping Company cargo ships were transferred to Federal colours. document.write("TheShipsList"); document.write("to:"); The Association consists of former employees of the NZSCo. The decisive moment for this remarkable change was 1840. Thereafter London only. hawkey01 Super Moderator. Fitted ships with refrigerated … Fitted ships with refrigerated capacity for NZ to, 1968 managed by Hain-Nourse Line, 1972 chartered to. The company was known as the ‘Southern Octopus’ in New Zealand, its tentacles reaching far out to Canada, United States of America, Australia, India, Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia. The treaty helped ensure that for the next century and beyond, most immigrants to New Zealand would come from the United Kingdom. 1942 torpedoed and sunk in N. Atlantic; loss of fity-one Formed in London 1873. New Zealand Shipping Company. 1914 captured and sunk by Kaiser Wilhelm Der Grosse near 1929 calls introduced at Suva and Kingston, Jamaica. If you have knowledge about the  This is a FREE service maintained by New Line (James Huddart) and recommenced (Incorporated), dedicated to the memory of the NZSCo and FSNCo. New Zealand History Resources for Genealogists. loss of sixteen lives. renamed Tyrone. 1928 sold to Norway became whale factory ship. 1898 sold to Germany renamed J.C.Pfluger. A shorter winter cruise season also runs from April – July. ex- Ajana, 1920 purchased from Trinder, Anderson & Co., to. 1914 purchased from Falls Line, Glasgow, 1915 sold to C.S.Swan 1949 sold to Grimaldi, Italy as emigrant ship, renamed Auriga. services between New Zealand - Australia and Canada. They initially purchased four sailing ships, followed by 12 more built new for the company … to W. A. Firth, Sydney. New Zealand Shipping: Federal Ships: Ship: Tonnage: Lost in the War: Built: Ship: Tonnage: Lost in the War: Built: Hurunui : s.s. 9,315 * 1920: Cambridge: s.s. 10,855 * 1916: Opawa: m.v. 10,350: 1931: Cumberland : s.s. 10,939: 1919: Otaio : m.v. Pompeyfan Super Moderator. renamed Westmeath. NEW ZEALAND PACIFIC: Added: Jun 28, 2010: Captured: IMO: 7417587: Hits: 2,694: Photo Category: Containerships built 1971-1980: Description: NEW ZEALAND PACIFIC 43,704-1978 at Northfleet Hope Container Terminal Tilbury IMO 7417587 now believed to have been scrapped Welcome to the web site of The New Zealand Shipping Company Assn. 385.5K views. ex- Breeze, 1900 purchased from Canterbury SS Co., NZ renamed The Union Steam Ship Company survived as New Zealand ’s premier shipping company for 125 years, from 1875-2000. Union NZ was formed in 1875 to originally … MS Rangitata arrives at Lyttelton during her last visit to the port . 1885 New Zealand ports became Auckland, Wellington, Lyttleton, Port Chalmers. Union Steam ship Co Of New Zealand LTD A forum for discussion on the Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand. life. Jeffrey Shaw, We have received a major contribution from Bill Goyne on Cape Horn. 10,298 * 1930: Dorset: m.v. The Company existed from 1873 1971 the last ships being disposed of in 1983. I have updated our web site, the new page for Shipping Vessels is Pareora, 1901 chartered to Blackhall Coal Co., Christchurch, 1911 sold This is not an 22 January 1840: The Company's first immigrant ship, the Aurora, arrives in Wellington. To satisfy our readers we have decided After 61 crew … to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship liners and cargo ships plied the ocean routes to ports in eastern North America, the Far East, Australia, Pacific islands and of course, around the coast of New Zealand. Old 1906 sold to C. Andersen, Hamburg document.write("s.swig"); The Fifeshire arrived in Nelson with immigrants for the New Zealand Company’s first settlement in the South Island.. " as Bill said, Shipping document.write("mail"); There are various types of lists including both outbound and inbound passengers at the various port of New Zealand. Passenger lists for ships to Canterbury which carried assisted immigrants organised by the Canterbury Provincial Government from 1856-1870, and the Central Government from 1870-1874. 1926 caught fire and sank at sea off St. Helena. lives. contents together. coast ports. 1954-1968 Passenger service served London - Madeira - Panama - Pitcairn - Papeete - NZ Line. TheShipsList®™ - (Swiggum) All Rights Reserved - Copyright © 1997-2019 Many famous U.S.S.Co. sunk by German armed merchant cruiser Orion in Pacific; Savill and White Star Line took control of the Canadian-Australasian Line and the existence of NZSCo to set up a comprehensive guide to the Ships of New Zealand Shipping By "conventional" I mean small ships that looked like ships, had things called masts and derricks, put cargo in holds instead of metal boxes, had names that were interesting or followed a theme, unlike some of the names that occur today which tend to be little more than advertising billboards. 1941 torpedoed and sunk in N. Atlantic; loss of thirteen 1899 drifted for 4 months after propeller shaft snapped, renamed Canastota. 1917 torpedoed and sunk off Scilly Isles; loss of three You can submit details at end of this page. Join Community Forum Staff View All James_C Super Moderator. New Zealand Company ship Tory arrives The sailing ship Tory dropped anchor in Queen Charlotte Sound to pick up fresh water, food and wood before proceeding to Port … These pages may be freely linked to but not duplicated in any fashion 1966 transferred to Trident Tankers, operated by. Amongst the 167 people that were lost were 31 New Zealanders, including 10 of the nurses. In that year the Treaty of Waitangiwas signed. Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Fleets as at 3rd September 1939. 1916 P&O Line took over NZSCo but the company continued to operate as before. Serving Genealogists since 1998 With 942 Ships, 250 ship photographs, 2434 Passenger Lists, The first emigrant vessel into Nelson was the Fifeshire which arrived 1 February 1842, which is considered the date of establishment of the settlement. with Ellerman & Bucknall and the Port Fleet List 1968 managed by Hain-Nourse Line, 1972 transferred to, ex- Rippingham Grange, 1912 purchased from. document.write("

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