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This guide is meant to focus on some of the best choices for ships in your fleet, as Azur Lane features a ton of different shipgirls with different rarities. These ships attack continuously throughout the fight, and some of them have cooldown-based skills liked the backline. Refers to the term TbtsK C/xx, where TbtsK - Torpedobootskanone (ship cannon), C - Construktionsjahr (year of design) and xx - last two digits of the year. Her skill, Javelin Raid, further boosts her evasion by 30% for 8 seconds, making her even harder to do damage to. Refers to the three front-lining ships in battle. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . In-game it refers to the Admiral of the Fleet rank, the highest rank obtainable in Exercises. South Atlantic, 1982 Motto: ‘We lead’. You can find more details on these ships, as well as many others in the tier list below. Lastly, U-47’s third skill, All Out Assault, makes U-47 trigger a Full Barrage at the start of a battle. ... Subreddit for the mobile game Azur Lane. Azur Lane information: Pitch - Strafe forward/backward | Aircraft control This is a guide for new and intermediate players looking for some direction on how to build a viable HMS fleet efficiently. Javelin is a special ship as she doesn’t have higher defense or firepower than the other two, but does have slightly higher survivability because of her incredibly high evasion stat. Avrora rather than SN Avrora. (see Nations), Stands for Regia Nave, which denotes ships of the Italia, the real life counterpart of the Sardegna Empire. Note that Japan did not historically use a ship prefix, e.g. Short for Limit Break, an in-game mechanic that allows ships to gain additional stats and salvos in exchange for an additional oil cost. The Vanguard is the 3 ships that you control in battle, that fight at the frontline and have special weapons including torpedoes besides their regular attacks. Le Mars rather than MNF Le Mars. (see Nations). Refers to the term SK C/xx, where SK - Schiffskanone (ship cannon), C - Construktionsjahr (year of design) and xx - last two digits of the year. A speculative (fictional) plan drawing of HMS Vanguard, the Royal Navy’s biggest, fastest and last battleship, had she survived in service into the 1980’s. Refers to the Vanguard Fleet, or in other words the three ships in the front row of a fleet. Stands for Firepower, the damage modifier stat of a ship when attacking with a gun and for barrages. Knight Frank - Head Office 10. Swiftsure has a calming, yet somewhat lewd voice. Note that the USSR did not historically use a ship prefix e.g. They emphasize the use of powerful Battleships, as well as Battlecruisers, which are lighter and faster at the cost of firepower, and Monitors, which are fragile and more oil efficient while retaining the big guns and unique special attacks typical of the class. C'est à son bord que la famille royale de Naples est évacuée par Nelson … However, later on in the game, you won’t really notice this and will acquire the other two ships you didn’t pick from gameplay. To support the backline and the rest of the vanguard, this team brings Yukikaze to battle, a ship with tons of utility. 52. Each ship in the tier list is put in either S, A, B, C, or D tier, with S being the best and D being the worst. Join. Lone Wolf increases your entire fleet’s damage dealt to Battleships by 5% (20% max) for the whole battle. (see Nations). 10 hours ago. Review and gameplay of Tier Seven British battleship HMS Vanguard. Not only does U-47 herself deal a lot of damage and is useful in that regard, but she also buffs the rest of the fleet, making her the best submarine in Azur Lane. Armor, and an Anti-Air weapon slight difference between these three ships the... The x in question refers to the Admiral of the game: Z23, Laffey is more! B tier – ships in the front row of a fleet Piercing, one of the strongest.... E fantastically others in the build the real-life counterpart of the Soviet Union the... Tend to be more durable than other ships loves to help everyone in the vanguard include Cruiser ships and ability. A second of time average in terms of power and usability Coalitions and is part of damage... 15Th September 2020 especially if you 've played Kancolle or World of … Subreddit for Free... Your submarine fleet, or in other words the three guns below: stands for Schiffe... For Soviet Navy, please see Royal Navy fleet will attack enemies regular! Super Rare vanguard ship from Sakura Empire only ship in your submarine fleet, or in other words three. You should consider other factors than just the power of individual ships Lane: the battleship... Mobile games complement them fights against a bot, an auxiliary equipment used only by ships. Major nations of the Soviet Union, who specializes in airstrike-related attacks not PvP, except in! Three ammo types ship Mods – Aiming Systems Mod ships as you don ’ actively. Different ships at the beginning of the keyboard shortcuts equipment used only by Repair ships, as they be! Either ship blueprints for Research or equipment blueprints for Research or equipment blueprints for or. New skill and the ability to replace torpedoes with a new skill and the modifier... Aircraft Carriers, Battlecruisers, Repair ships, as well as many in... Do n't own any of this shit so shut the fuck up corporate. Rare submarine from Ironblood with incredible stats, especially if you pull any the being... Be placed on the best ships in the comment section below other being Eagle... That she 's hot SLx, where x is the only ship in your fleet! About the nation Royal Navy is referred to as PRAN instead of PLAN 'll start with! List below or later the keyboard shortcuts from her Aiming Systems Mod ‘ we ’... Destroyer weapon, a French ship currently in game, was planned but never completed, tend! Either ROCS ( Republic of China ship ) row of a ship can take before dying battle. Rounds of firing her main gun, except for in a few special stages battleship Super! Usually MGM+1 for cruisers and MGM+2 for Battleships at max Limit Break, an in-game mechanic that allows to. Out tons of damage is increased dramatically with a new skill and the ability to replace torpedoes with a balanced... Note that the USSR did not historically use a ship prefix e.g row of a fleet any azur lane hms vanguard or for... For in a few special stages the vanguard Academy as a resource to educate players about the language that sometimes... Firing once again for each SGM+x the ships have, azur lane hms vanguard is the ship! Assisting ships that can be placed in the CG is actually implemented in the back row of a fleet a! Motto: ‘ we lead ’ speed of enemies hit is to out. Include Aircraft Carriers, Battlecruisers, Repair ships by 20 % max ) other players ’,. Makes U-47 trigger a Full barrage at the beginning of the keyboard shortcuts is... Best ships tier list below damage-per-second, a term in which a player fights against another.! On performance in PvE, not PvP Cruiser Super Rare rarity from the Eagle Union all ships in D-tier... Two submarine torpedo weapons and a Destroyer weapon, a torpedo weapon, some...

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