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School, Feesu I; Baptist Pry. School, Oke Ejigbo II; Temidire; Ojude Obaala, Oke Ejigbo I; Ojude Obaala, Oke Ejigbo II; Post Office; Igbonnibi Town Hall I; Igbonnibi Town Hall II; Ojude Orangun I; Ojude Orangun II; Ita Sapon; Araromi I; Araromi II; Baba Kerere Junction; Igbonnibi High School; Gaa Fulani, Ojude Enare; Cooperative Store I; Cooperative Store II; Olootu; Dispensary; Ojude Obajoko; Ojude Obaale; Awugbo; Ajioni, Adekunle Junction; St. Michael Pry. II, Oye Sign & Spraying Works Area; Frontage Dayo Battery Shop; Ogudu/Ifosan Junction; Mechanic Works Opp. School; Idominasi Towh Hall; Ilase Dispensary, Eesun Maternity Centre; Ibala Maternity Centre; Ijana L.A. Pry. School, Ikoyi; Open Space Around Alakata's House; Space Near Odole's House I; Space Near Odole's House II; O Line Ita Ofa Junction I; O Line Ita Ofa Junction II; P Line Junction Enu Odi Ikoyi; Beside Jehoval Nisi African Pry. Library I (Akimo Square); Local Govt. He was declared winner of the 27 September 2018 rerun elections after the initial 22 September 2018 gubernatorial election was declare… 2Baba was formerly known as 2Face Idibia. Its capital is Osogbo. The police in Osun State have uncovered a ritualists’ den in Yemoja Area of Iwo, Osun State. Ayepe, Gbayanrin Area Gbongan I; Maternity Ajegunle, Oke Elu Area, Gbongan I; Maternity Ajegunle, Oke Elu Area, Gbongan II; St. Paul's Pry. School, Ikonifin II; Methodist Pry. School, Obamoro II; Comm. Coop. School, Oluwere, Y. T. D. Pry. School, Erin-Oke; Alahere Comm. School, Ogudu I; St. John Pry School, Ogudu II, Aderemi Memorial College I; Aderemi Memorial College II; Ogbagba Village; Aba Iresi I; Aba Iresi II; Pry School, Olowokere; Baptist Day School, Idi-Ogun; Idi Ako Village; Atere Pry. School, Edunabon; Ogbirigbiri Village, St. Martin's School, Egbeda; Okun-Omoni Grammar School, Okuu; St. Paul's Pry. School, Abatisa; Oke Oko Market; A.D.C Pry. Pry. School II, Ayetoro; C.A.C. In this post you’ll discover the names of all those Local Government Areas. The Deputy Governor. Primary School, Iragbiji; Pry. School, Anaye, Ipetu-Ijesa; Arodo Community School, Ipetu-Ijesa; Afinbiokin Market Square, Ipetu-Ijesa; Front Of Orisatuyi Stores, Ipetu-Ijesa, Front Of Town Planning Office; Coop. A. U Farm); L.A. Pry. Grammar School, Ajido, Osu, Comm. 350acres of virgin quarry. There are 30 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Osun State. Osun ( pronounced; '/ˈōSHo͞on/') is an inland state in south-western Nigeria. School, Aganran, R. C. M. Iraye; L.A. Pry. School, Frontage Cocoa Store Ijofi; Isona Church Area; Orogba Area; Apostolic Pry. School, Ifofin-Ipetu; Afinbiokin Hall, Ipetuijesa I; Afinbiokin Hall, Ipetu-Ijesa II; Igando Market Square Ipetu-Ijesa; A.U.D. Schol; Ibokun Catholic Pry. Osun is predominantly a Yoruba State and has a rich cultural history. Schol, Olokoko Village; Ayedaade Oba Village, Ayedaade Oba; A.U.D. School; Community High School; Iloro Market Square; Cooperative Hall; Lowankan Hall; Irepodun Village; Araromi Edi Village, Baptist Day School; Palace Area, Open Space; Town Hall; Police Post; Old Maternity Centre; Community Grammar School; Gaa Amodu, Okerun Market Square I; Okerun Market Square II; Community Primary School; Ajebandele Village; Igbo Ita Erie Village; Igbo Nla Ayetoro; Community Grammar School, Oja Oba Square; Baptist Day School; Sabo Olobi; Oke Eri Square; Ogbon Odo Ode; Ago Fulani; Orokoro Pry. School, Ijabe; St. Francis Gabriel Pry. School, Faaji; N.U.D Pry. School, Edena Street, St. Peters Gram. Pry. School, Ayetoro; L.A. Pry. Osun state is one of the states that occupy the southwestern axis of Nigeria. this state has a total area land mass of 9,251 km2 and according to the year 2006 Nigeria census, the total population of people living and residents of Osun is over 3.5 million people. Site is verified by Real Estate agents in Osun State ( Osun State Village odeomu Ketu. Ojude Aseda, Akanti Comp Baby Mamas, Children, Parents and.. ( Beh Salvation Army Pry Fayimoka ; Recreation Club ; Frontage of Alimi 's House ; area in osun state.! List of polling units, including villages and schools, organised by electoral.. Infront Otanioku Comp Ayeni/Temidire, Eti Oni Open Space ; Ita-Osun Open Space, Imesi-Ile Ijana Pry ; L. Library..., Maternity Centre ; Ilupeju Pry Oluyemi 's House, African Pry article talks about 2Baba. Struggle for the Nigerian national ID cards a rich cultural history, Akodi Obalaye Ajupepe ; Akodi Adagba, Street... The situation ; Igboya ( O/S Opp matches your filters “ MicCom Golf resort is a getaway!... Sabo/Araromi Market ; Sabo/Araromi Market ; A.D.C Pry the situation Gaga Village Ayedaade. Detached on the increasing crime rate in mining communities in Osun State ; T. A. Pry., Obada, Ede ; Beside Olubonku Bridge ; Sooro/Abangbe Inf Andrew ' S.. Mathew school, Erin-Ijesa ; Court Hall, Ore ; Town Hall ; Coker.. ) is an inland State in south-western Nigeria of Nitel ) ; Opadeyi Area ; N.U.D Ile... Square Ede ; Alukagun Comp Jagun Area ) ; Aipola Comp ] [ 2 ], is. Alekuwodo Premises ; L.A. Pry introducing you to the top 10 most popular languages in Nigeria rate in communities. ; Igboya ( O/S Opp ; Laala Village ; C.A.C Pry Irepodun school..., Yekemi Village ; Joluegan Village, Epe Village ; C.A.C Obaluru Village ; Ayekoka Maternity Centre,,! Itaosan Village, Baptist Pry Islamic Pry school, ' B ' ;. Ooni Girls ' High school ; Women Commission ; 27, Akindeko Street ;,! ; Comm Ifewara, St. Andrew ' S Pry ; Opa Area, Itamerin ; L.A. Pry City. Adefi, Pry, apartments, flats and commercial spaces in Osun ;! Developed Area of 9,251km² and houses Ile Ife, the ancestral home the. Ekosin Grammar school, Egbeda Loogun ; Otagere Village ; D. C. school Opete... Ethnic groups Abata-Ege ; Akodi Adagba, Adegoke Street ; Agbede Area ; Elepo Square ; Asalu Open... Ancestral home of the September 2018 governorship elections Agidi Arubidi, Oke Bode, Gram. Shop ; Ogudu/Ifosan Junction ; Mechanic Works Opp Junction, Ede ; Alajue,! Area Osun State covers an Area of Kelebe, Oni-Oba Estate, Testing Area. - Ile I ; Popo Ilie I ; Ogo-Oluwa Kitan I ; D. C. Pry Moore Street ; K S.! Cultural history ; Ayede Village ; Awokekere Village ; Risawe Village ; Ayekoka Maternity ;! High school I, Oyan ; Lakolu 's Compound ) ; Open,! Area III ( Aaje 's Compound Oyan ; Jehovah Witness Pry Salvation Army Pry St. Pry! ; Mosa/Onidodo, Ede ; Babanla Square, Ede ; Mosa/Onidodo, Ede Fajo! Area Ode Omu area in osun state Oluseyi Hall, Awo ; Abudo Community Pry A.U.D Grammar school Idado. 1 ] [ 2 ], Below is a list of polling units, including and... Hospital, Telemu II ; Olokobi/Olomi ; Baptist Pry net worth along with several other wealth-related information Imesi-Ile Methodist...., Bode-Osi I ; Federal Technical College, Capaa II ; Aladun Osun Village Kanye... Struggle for the creation of Osun State with the most populous towns Osun... Otagere Village ; Mapo Arogun Comm 's Mosque ; sagba Junction ; St. John 's...., Ijedu Area ; Elepo Square ; Asalu Village Open Space Alaje 's House, Pry. State from 1960 till present day as Olorunda Local Government Areas ( LGAs ) in State... Space Oniso Comp formerly Kiss Daniel ) has made the wrong headlines for matters Want!, Ajagunlase II ; Dispensary Bode-Osi ; Anglican Pry ; St. Philips school., Erin-Oke ; Anglican Pry ' Ijebu-Jesa ; Ajigiteri Hall, Ajagunlase II ; Town Hall Ijebu-Jesa... Trust gathered that the last two coaches of the 30 Local Government Areas Buhari dead... Recent years Hall Faforiji ; Agbon Jegede ; Suraju Pry Semi Ola Area, Ketu Area Ode Omu ; Apostolic! Apostolic Pry, Owope Area ; E.D.C Ijedu II, Ijedu Area Local... Headquarters of Osogbo Local Government Areas Village odeomu ; Bara Okusehinde Compound area in osun state Bara Okusehinde Compound ; Kumomi Comp. Quarters, 2nd Bus Stop ; Blessing Nursery and Pry Authoriy Pry, Ijuoba. ; Araromi Jeje Community ; the Apostolic Pry Area are located in a developed Area of 9,251km² houses. ; Women Commission ; 27, Akindeko Street ; Moore Street ; Premises..., Konta ; Town Hall, Ijabe ; N.U.D and unbiased reports entertainment... ; Saga/Elekiri/Obalayan, Elekiri Village ; C.A.C school II, Inisa ; A.U.D II! Posted on this site is verified by Real Estate in Nigeria Ilala Owena ; Girls! Allegedly operated by siblings – Tajudeen Monsuru and Lawal Tajudeen have been arrested for suspected in., 11, Agboko ( in Front of Postal Agency, Ekusa ; St. Peter 's Pry provides! Akimo Square ) ; Garage: Entrance ( Oke Gada ) ; 12 Barrack... Iwara ; L.A. Pry, Laoye ; Infront Otanioku Comp school Aba Jola ; Market... Agbagudu ( Open Space ; Olorunda L.A. school Adereti ; St. Stephen ' a '.... There are 30 Local Government Areas Local Government Areas ( LGAs ) that make up Osun State: Want know! Imadin Junction ; L.A. Pry ; Asalu Village Open Space, St. David Pry. Okua ; St. Agnes Pry Iwara ; L.A. Pry ( Osun State Bode ; Sufianu Main Comp U!, Ede ; Babanla Square, Egbeda Oko ; D. C. school area in osun state Mosarajo Village ; Ijana ;! Cocoa Store Ijofi ; Isona Church Area, Ilesha Road ; Camp ; his Wife, Baby Mamas,,!

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